Princess Connect! Re: Dive – Okita Rinka wears sassy lingerie in sexy Kiruya cosplay

The popular Japanese cosplayer Okita Rinka surprised the community with a daring cosplay inspired by the heroine Kayrl Momochi (Kiruya) from the popular video and anime Princess Conect! Re:Dive.

The cosplay stands out for seeing The market sporting charming cat ears and a neko-themed lingerie set that highlights her slim figure and with a cleavage that allows part of her p * chos to be seen.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is a free-to-play role-playing game for Smartphones which is developed by Cygames, and was released in Japan in 2018 as much as for Android as iOS. Cygames commented that the title is a sequel to the original game «Princess Connect!«.

Within the game you can opt for micro-transactions to get the benefits that they offer you and it has a Gacha system in which you can unlock new characters or items that can help you improve the characters.

Synopsis Princess Connect!:

In the story of this RPG game, the protagonist wakes up without memories in an unknown location. There he will meet several girls who will accompany him on an adventure to discover a mysterious secret.

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