ProSieben Maxx presents you with moving anime films on Christmas Eve


On Christmas Eve, ProSieben Maxx broadcasts several anime films. Fans of Detective Conan in particular have reason to be happy.

Christmas is just around the corner and many people like to spend the holy festival with a film. Numerous TV stations have therefore packed their programs full of iconic films, as has ProSieben Maxx. However, no US blockbusters are shown here, but mainly animes.

ProSieben Maxx: The anime program on Christmas Eve

On his own website the TV station announced the program for Christmas Eve. Accordingly, several anime films are to be broadcast on December 24th. Our overview reveals what it is and when you can see it:

From 8:05 to 16:25 – Detective Conan: ProSieben Maxx fills over eight hours with detective Conan. However, it is not yet clear which films are actually meant.

At 8:15 p.m. – Mirai – The girl from the future: The focus is on the four-year-old Kun. When he has a little sister, he is initially jealous. Suddenly a teenage girl appears and claims to be her future sister. The two become friends, jump through time together and Kun learns what makes a big brother.

Um 22.10 Uhr – In This Corner of the World: 18-year-old Suzu moves to a small town and marries a naval officer there. The two live a simple life, but then the war destroys their entire existence. Suzu tries to hold on to her will to live and enjoy the finer things in life.

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