“Pure Sound” – New Teaser, New Seiyuu, and New Music Drama Release Date

Monthly Shounen Magazine and Anime Official Site “Clear sound” (Mashiro no Oto) presented a new teaser, new voice actors and announced the release date of the series. The first episode will air on April 2, in the Animeism programming block.

The series will have two openings, Blizzard and Ginsekai, both performed by the Burnout Syndromes (the first opening of Doctor Stone). Miriya Kato and the Yoshida Brothers duo (opening opening of Jibiate) will perform Kono Yume ga Sameru Made for the ending theme. The Yoshida Brothers will also oversee the performance of the tsugaru-jamisen music.

The shamisen is a traditional Japanese three-stringed musical instrument with a fretless neck. Setsu Sawamura’s grandfather, who raised him and his older brother Wakanu, recently passed away. He was one of the greatest shamisen performers, and the brothers grew up listening to his music and also learning to play the instrument. After the death of his grandfather, Setsu dropped out of school and moved to Tokyo. I didn’t do anything except play the shamisen. And at this moment his rich mother, Umeko, who worked abroad, appears. She again sends Setsu to school, and he does not yet know that there the passion for playing the shamisen will flare up with renewed vigor.


Secu Savamura Nobunaga Shchimazaki Ritsuka Fujimaru in the series “Fate / Grand Order – The Last Frontier in the War against Demonic Creatures: Babylonia”, Yuno in the series “Black Clover”
A 16-year-old boy who decided to continue his grandfather’s work.
Vakana Savamura Yoshimasa Khosoya Kojo Akatsuki in the series “Hit the Blood”, Fumikage Tokoyami in the series “My Hero Academia”
Setsu’s older brother.
Umeko Savamura Takako Honda Chef Makina in the series “Wonderland for the Dead”, Hone-Onna in the series “Girl from Hell”
Setsu and Wakana’s mother. She worked abroad for a long time.
Crazy Maeda Yume Miyamoto Haru Nonaka in the TV series “Sing Me Yesterday”, Rumia Tingel in the TV series “Useless Teacher of Magic and the Akashic Chronicles”
Classmate Setsu. Shy and awkward when dealing with guys.
Yui Yamazato Reina Kondo Nikaido in Dorohedoro, Kazuko Suema in Boogiepop and Others
Setsu’s friend. Fan of anime and gamer girl.
Kaito Yaguchi Nobuhiko Okamoto Accelerator in the series “A Scientific Accelerator”, Katsuki Bakugo in the series “My Hero Academy”
Childhood friend of Shuri and Yui.
Rai Nagamori Tacuhisa Suzuki Ban in the series “The Seven Deadly Sins”, Anos Woldigod in the series “Scum of the Demon King Academy”
Hosazo shamisen expert.
Seiryu Kamiki Yuichiro Umehara Goblin Slayer in Goblin Slayer, Shigenobu Yakuma in Dream Team
Experienced performer who won the national shamisen competition.
Soichi Tanuma Tascu Hatanaka Denki Kaminari in the series “My Heroic Academy”, Ushchio Aotsky in the series “Ushchio and Torah”
His father is Seiryu’s teacher.
May Tanuma Shiori Mikami History of Reiss / Krista Lenz in the series “Attack of the Titans”, Akari Akaza in the series “Yuruyuri”
Soichi’s younger sister.
Yuna Tachiki Ricaco Aida Riko Sakurauchi in Live Love: Sunshine, Shino Saotome in War x Love
A cabaret worker who dreams of becoming a print idol.

Marimo Ragawa (“The Kid and Me” has been publishing the manga in Monthly Shounen Magazine since December 2009, when the one-shot of the same name was released. Full serialization began in April 2010. Volume 27 will be released on March 17. The total circulation of the series exceeds 4,000,000 copies.

Ranked Kono Manga ga Sugoi! (“This manga is great!”) For 2012 by Takarajimasha, the manga was ranked 3rd in the male reader category. In the same year, the manga won the Kodansha Publishing Award for Best Shonen Manga.

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