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[Qingfeng Bianliang Xing]”One case, three extensions”, comprehensively build a spiritual dam of “do not want to be corrupt”

Source: Kaifeng Net-Kaifeng Daily

Author: Zhang Li Shan Shi Shunjiang

Release time: 2021-04-09 07:33:43

All-media reporter Zhang Lishan Correspondent Shi Shunjiang

“Because the principle is not strong and the work discipline is violated, I humbly accept the organization’s criticism and education and sanctions…” Recently, at the “one case, one change” warning education conference held in Zhuqu Town, Weishi County, because I was in a dangerous building. Said Tian Mou, the punished person who signed the illegally on the modification form. The “person in the case” on the stage looked regretful, and the “people around” on the stage were full of regret. After the meeting, party members and cadres all expressed that they must learn lessons deeply and never touch the bottom line of discipline and law.

In order to fully enhance the city’s party members and cadres’ awareness of “not wanting to be corrupt”, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection selected typical cases to carry out “one case and three extensions”, combining different fields and groups, and opening the “Four Winds” online through the “Qingfeng Kaifeng” WeChat official account. Columns such as “Shot” and “Small Cases Exhibition” clarify laws and disciplines to promote integrity; offline through various forms such as organizing to observe court hearings, visiting the French Culture Museum of the package company, holding on-site warning education meetings, and holding warning education cartoons, etc. Extending from the crime unit to the related units, system fields, cities and counties, a pattern of warning education covering the crime units, related units, rural grassroots, and ordinary people has been formed, and the spiritual dam of “don’t want to be corrupt” has been built from the source of personal thought. .

It is understood that in view of the large number of rural party members and cadres, old age, low education level, weak legal awareness, complicated management affairs, high incidence of violations of discipline and law, and direct confrontation with the grassroots, the Weishi County Commission for Discipline Inspection is 516 throughout the county. Each administrative village has set up alert classrooms at village-level teaching points. Since 2020, more than 300 cases have been implemented to promote reforms, and more than 50,000 people have received education. The Commission for Discipline Inspection of Shunhe Hui District selected typical cases of violations of discipline and law, in the form of cartoons, vividly showing the risks of clean government caused by illegal operations that are easy to occur in daily management through the use of positions. The case is used to promote reforms and interpret disciplines. Educate those around you with cases of violations of discipline and laws around you.

In order to truly internalize the warning and education role of cases, in recent years, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has relied on the rich cultural resources of clean government, adhered to the idea of ​​“Double +” (“Integrity + Internet” and “Incorruption + culture”), combining typical cases with Combining animation, video, opera and other forms, we have successively planned and launched the “Iron Bread” series of 3D animation projects, and the “”Meng Edition” Bao Gonghua Clean” series of micro-videos. Through the colorful promotion of clean government culture, the passive preaching style of the past Change to the active absorption type, so that “do not want to be corrupt” really enter the mind, and create a strong “do not want to be corrupt” atmosphere.

“Pre-punishment is for the sake of the aftermath. You can’t punish you for failing to teach you. After investigating the case, you can’t put it on the’bottom of the box’. You must make a’living teaching material’. Take the case as a lesson, and the alarm bell will ring for more party members and cadres. “Vaccination” to prevent becoming a “person in the case.” said Lu Zhijun, member of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Director of the Municipal Supervisory Commission.

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