“RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP” Project Sekai participants have been decided! Exhibition match of VTuber, voice actor, Vocaloid P, etc.!

Japan’s largest e-sports event “RAGE” operated by CyberZ Co., Ltd., Avex Entertainment Inc., and TV Asahi Co., Ltd. will be held on February 23, 2021 (Tuesday / holiday) “RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP” “Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku” part “Proseca Exhibition Team Match” contestants are finally decided!
The team consists of a team battle with the voice actor Yuki Nakashima’s “Nakashima Corps” and the Nijisanji VTuber Kizuku Yashiro’s “Corporate Corps”. Popular cosplayer Enako and Ruri, the first champion of “RAGE Project Sekai 2020 Winter powered by AQUOS”, will also participate.

In addition, a Twitter campaign by voice actor Yuki Nakashima, who will play the role of Shiho Hinomori in Project Sekai, will be held from February 8, 2021 (Monday). This year’s Valentine is a chance to receive a special gift from Mr. Nakajima! We are waiting for many applications.

Gorgeous casts compete in team battles! “ProcecaExhibitionShiTeamMatch

In “Proceca Exhibition Team Match”, voice actor Yuki Nakashima’s “Nakajima Corps” and Nijisanji’s VTuber Kizuku Yashiro’s “Company Corps” will form a team of 5 people each and show a hot fight. !!

The Nakajima army corps includes Enako, an immovable popular cosplayer with more than 1.4 million Instagram followers, Daisuke Hirose, who plays the role of Tenma in Project Sekai, and a solo performance at Nippon Budokan on March 2, 2021. Marasy, a pianist who will be holding the event, and Ruri, the first champion of last year’s RAGE Proceca Tournament, will participate.
On the other hand, the company corps will also hold an online live at “RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP”, Aika the Spy of Mameshiba no Tai, VTuber Erie Conifer belonging to Nijisanji, and Vocaloid. Mr. Hachioji P, who is famous as a nobleman, and HPS player who has won the final at the RAGE Proceca tournament at the age of 13 will participate.

Yuki Nakashima, Enako, Daisuke Hirose, Marasy, Ruri

Kizuku Yashiro, Aika the Spy (horde of Mameshiba), Erie Conifer, Hachioji P, HPS player

The real condition: Shunpei Terakawa (TV Asahi announcer)
Commentary: Kosuke Mita

“Project Sekai” Yuki Nakashima delivers a Valentine’s message!

This year’s Valentine is the smartphone app “Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku ”We will present a message from Yuki Nakashima, the voice actor of Shiho Hinomori. If you retweet the tweet during the application period, you will receive a Valentine’s comment from Yuki Nakashima on February 14th (Sun)!
In addition, there is a chance that 5 people who received RT will win the autographed Proseca goods by Yuki Nakashima.

[Campaign name]
Yuki Nakashima’s Valentine Follow & RT Campaign

If you retweet the corresponding tweet from the RAGE official account during the application period, you will receive a Valentine’s comment from Yuki Nakashima on February 14th (Sun)! In addition, 5 people will be given a lottery of Yuki Nakashima’s autographed Proceca goods (Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku Clear File / Leo / need).

[Application conditions]
Just follow RAGE’s Twitter and retweet the target tweet to complete the application!

【Application period】
From Monday, February 8, 2021 17:00 to Saturday, February 13, 2021 23:59

■「RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP“Overview

大会名:「RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP 」
Game title: “Apex Legends” (Electronic Arts)
Now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Origin / Steam), Gen5
“Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku” (SEGA Co., Ltd.)
Compatible with iOS / Android
Organizer: CyberZ Co., Ltd., Avex Entertainment Inc., TV Asahi Co., Ltd.
Schedule: February 23, 2021 (fire and celebration)
Holding method: Held in a non-audience online format
Distribution method: OPENREC.tv, YouTube * Distribution medium is subject to change
Special site URL:https://party.rage-esports.jp/

Cast information

Main MC: Jungle Pocket
Assistant MC: Marina Namiki (TV Asahi announcer)
The real condition: Shunpei Terakawa (TV Asahi announcer)
Commentary: Kosuke Mita
Special Performers: Novelbright, Mameshiba no Tai
▽ Event participants
[Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku]

Yuki Nakashima, Enako, Daisuke Hirose, Marasy, Ruri

Kizuku Yashiro, Aika the Spy (horde of Mameshiba), Erie Conifer, Hachioji P, HPS player

* Guest and contestant information will be updated from time to time, so stay tuned!

  • RAGE’s first entertainment festival “RAGE” PARTY 2021 powered by SHARPWhat is

“RAGE PARTY 2021 powered by SHARP” is a variety of e-sports events that invites entertainers, voice actors, streamers, and game commentators who are active on TV and the Internet. At Project Sekai, we plan to convene talents related to music games. Apex Legends will determine the best trio from a team of celebrities formed for the day. Performer information will be announced at any time.
On the day of the event, you can watch it online from anywhere in the country! You can enjoy a new kind of e-sports event like never before.

“Apex Legends” where warriors in the frontier fight for wealth and fame

“Apex Legends” is a fierce invasion battle, where legendary warriors who control powerful abilities gather and fight for wealth and fame in the frontier frontier, a battle royale shooter with free basic play. It is a title that you can enjoy deep unit play with high tactics by manipulating the unique legends that appear one after another.

* This tournament is not affiliated with or funded by Electronic Arts.

■ The hottest app “Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku” with over 3 million users

Sega (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, COO: Yukio Sugino), who works on the “Hatsune Miku Project DIVA” series, and CyberAgent Group’s Colorful Palette Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuichiro Kondo) ), A rhythm & adventure game for iOS / Android. In this project, “Hatsune Miku”, a singing voice synthesis software developed by Crypton Future Media Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo, Hokkaido, CEO: Hiroyuki Ito), who is also active as a virtual singer, will appear.
© SEGA / © Colorful Palette Inc./ © Crypton Future Media, INC. www.piapro.net     
​All rights reserved.
Official site:https://pjsekai.sega.jp

■ Top sponsor comments

[SHARP Corporation]
Sharp aims to create a world where game fans can enjoy playing comfortably with their smartphone AQUOS. We are pursuing performance that will satisfy even the game scene, such as 5G “high-speed, large-capacity” communication support, high-performance CPU and unique heat dissipation design. We would like to provide a lineup that meets the needs of our customers, and through participation in RAGE, we would like to liven up e-Sports together with game fans.
AQUOS x e-Sports Special Site:https://jp.sharp/k-tai/aquos-esports/

[Dynabook Co., Ltd.]

Dynabook has greatly improved CPU performance and graphic performance by utilizing the empowered technology that makes full use of the cooling and heat dissipation technology of notebook PCs and the housing design technology based on simulation, which have been accumulated over many years. I would like to support e-sports with the “5 in 1 premium Pen notebook PC dynabook V series / F series” that realizes outstanding performance that allows you to enjoy e-sports.



President and CEO: Takahiro Yamauchi (https://twitter.com/brother0820
Established in 2009 as an advertising marketing company specializing in smartphones. We develop a wide range of marketing businesses such as operation / effect verification of smartphone advertisements, traffic advertisements and web commercial production. In addition to Japan, we have branch offices in San Francisco, South Korea, and Taiwan, and we also support the overseas expansion of domestic advertisers and the expansion of overseas advertisers into Japan. In addition, we operate the game video distribution platform “OPENREC.tv” as a media business and the largest e-sports event “RAGE” in Japan as an e-sports business. As a wholly owned subsidiary of CyberZ, we are developing the business of “eStream Co., Ltd.”, which conducts online entertainment business such as figure sales and online lottery, and “CyberE Co., Ltd.”, an advertising marketing business specializing in e-sports.

RAGE is an e-sports event operated in collaboration with CyberZ Co., Ltd., Avex Entertainment Co., Ltd. and TV Asahi Co., Ltd., which combines the next-generation sports competition “e-sports” with various entertainment characteristics. And, it is a general term for e-sports leagues.
At RAGE, we are implementing two projects, a general participation type “event” that is mainly held offline and a spectator type “professional league” that distributes competitions by professional athletes online. At the “event,” game titles from multiple genres will be put together in one place, and in addition to e-sports competitions that determine the strongest champion of each title, venue-limited competitions, new title trials, and artist live performances will also be held.

Official site:https://rage-esports.jp/

Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/eSports_RAGE

Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/eSportsRAGE/

Formula Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/esports_rage/

■ Inquiries regarding this release
CyberZ Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Kido
E-mail : [email protected] Tel : 050-5490-9001 Fax : 03-5428-2318


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