Reborn as a Vending Machine: this crazy story is now adapted into an anime

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It couldn’t be crazier: in Reborn as a Vending Machine, a vending machine must save the world. Today, the novel series is adapted into an anime.

Any anime fan has no doubt heard of Isekai. It is a subgenre in which the main character is teleported from the real world to an imaginary world or a parallel universe. Due to its high popularity, the genre is regularly derided. Reborn as a Vending Machine is a more than clear sign in this regard.

Reborn as a Vending Machine is getting an anime adaptation

As the title suggests, Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon features a protagonist who is reincarnated as a vending machine and experiences typical fantasy adventures. It is inspired by the light novel of the same name written by Kuma Hiru and illustrated by Itsuwa Katou. In total, only three volumes have been published, available among others in English*.

This fantasy novel will now be entitled to an anime adaptation. The production studio is not yet known, but Crunchyroll seems to own the rights. You can see the first trailer here:

Unfortunately, the release date has not yet been communicated. What is certain is that we can expect a delirious Isekai trip. The announcement video alone is laughable and seems to be well received by the anime fan community. Since its publication yesterday, the teaser has already been viewed more than 55,000 times.

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