Recommended initial role selection of Alien Office

How to choose the initial role of Alien Office? The role awakening in the game is very important, and everyone has to choose first. The following is a detailed recommendation for the initial role selection of Alien Office, let’s take a look.

How to choose the initial role of Alien Office

The awakening of this game is more precious, about 12 draws a week can be saved, and the cost is huge (2750 diamonds per week to buy 11 draws), so in the selection of the initial number, priority is given to the role and number of awakening.

1. The choice of the awakened character

If you have read the brief description of the roles of Awakening, then you must have a certain understanding of the positioning of the Awakenings, so here is only a brief explanation, you can directly see the conclusion.

Awakening role priority:

Hei Xi = Yuna> Kongjue = Mina = Master> Illness

in conclusion:

The initial number is generally selected from Double Awakening, so the two human rights of Yuna and Hexi must be won (default)

Three Awakening: I personally recommend taking the master. After having the master, all copies can be played as T unless there are cost restrictions or professional restrictions. We guarantee the lower limit to increase the upper limit.

Four Awakening: If it has been decided who to choose for the third awakening, then the fourth one will choose from the other two

Important note: The Taiwan server is about to enter its first anniversary. At that time, one of the two choices of Master and Mina will be given away for free. So now there is an important prerequisite. Unless the initial number is Full Awakening, it is very not recommended to choose both Master and Mina. Initial number.

2. The choice of non-awakened characters

Note: Compared with awakened characters, non-awakened characters do not require too much demand, but they are still objects to be considered. Therefore, the following recommendations will be made for positioning, regardless of priority, red and bold are only recommended for individuals .

Output: Chair, Jiaen, Throwing Knife, Tentacle

Support: Yang Xialin, daughter

Front row: Bingmei, Qiandong, Baijiao


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