Red, record takings in Japan in the first weekend

by Simone De Mattia

On August 6, the highly anticipated film “One Piece: Red” (Goro Taniguchi), a feature film based on Eiichiro’s manga masterpiece Oda. This, born to deepen aspects of the character of Shanks the Redis getting record-breaking revenues becoming the second highest-grossing film after another great film based on an equally great manga: “Demon Slayer“.

The proceeds of One Piece: Red

This is the film based on Eiichiro’s manga Oda which got the best debut of the fifteen released. “One Piece: Red“Thus ranks second after”Demon Slayer – The Mugen Train” (Haru Sotozaki, 2020) on the list of the highest-grossing anime and Japanese films ever. As reported by Shonen Jump News – Unofficial with a they are fasting Twitter, the film would have grossed about 2.25 billion Japanese yen, which is about 16 million dollars. An incredible figure, especially considering that it is a collection obtained in just two days of screening.

Oda wanted to bet on Shanks and it seems he was right. The character, in fact, although he does not appear often in the manga, is much loved by the public who obviously appreciated the fact of being able to attend insights into the figure of him. The reason for the success is also due to the last chapters of the paper work that is making headlines like never before among fans. We are waiting to know an official release date for Italian cinemas, but for the moment we only know that the expected release window is autumn 2022. Anime Factorywhich deals with the distribution of “One Piece: Red”Here with us.

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