Red Sonja, the penny_in_cosplay cosplay is ready for war –

The cosplay of Red Sonja made by cosplayer penny_in_cosplay turned out so well that it was also picked up by the character’s official Instagram account. In fact it is a masterful work both in the details of the costume and in the photography, really very beautiful.

Needless to say, in the shot Red Sonja is ready for yet another battle, with its razor sharp sword. After all, the nickname “The devil with the sword” must come from somewhere.

Created by writer Ray Thomas and artist Barry Windsor-Smith, based in part on a character from Robert E. Howard, Red Sonja is the star of a comic series that began in 1973 as the offshoot of Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian. Since 2005 the character has been in the hands of Dynamite Entertainment.

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