Regional, Pd and M5S on the high seas. Competitors ready to race

The scenario of the area is still in progress center left for the next regional elections. If the recent choice, then wrecked, made at national level by the leaders of the Pd, M5S and Art. 1 was harshly criticized in Calabria precisely for the lack of involvement of regional political souls, aEven this time it is national tensions that create uncertainties about the coalition’s future.

After all, a bit of everything is missing: a clear political set-up, official names on which to discuss, a program. It is in particular on the names that the greatest difficulties are being seen, also because there are several figures who, called into question in the camera caritatis, immediately said that they were not available, probably unwilling to enter into a battle which, being so, it would be quite complicated.

The other competitors are certainly not watching: from Luigi de Magistris with the Civic Center to Carlo Tansi with Tesoro Calabria, passing through Roberto Occhiuto with a center-right who is “fielding” various national leaders in Calabria. Yesterday Giovanni Toti (Cambiamo) started the two days from Reggio Calabria where he stated that “Calabria and the South have great potential, especially in the enhancement of non-localizable assets, for the purposes of tourism development and new job profiles”. The Ligurian governor rejected the Calabrian health commissioner, stating that with Occhiuto «many things will change for the better. Roberto belongs to the popular political and cultural world and we will support him to seize every opportunity that will come from the Recovery Fund for the development of Calabria ».

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