Reina Ueda will be releasing Blu-Ray in autumn with her first live appearance

Reina Ueda made a name for herself among Japanese fans as a voice actor in many well-known anime series. Some time ago, Seiyuu started a career as a musician, which will be crowned with a first Blu-Ray in autumn. It shows, among other things, her first live performance as a singer.

Seiyuu with a second mainstay

The anime for “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” breaks every record in the audience’s favor in Japan. The Seiyuu also benefit from this popularity. Reina Ueda, who speaks in the anime Kanao Tsuyuri, has worked with her in other projects Voice inspire the audience. She also lent Andalucia from “Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash” and Mallow in “Pokémon: Sun and Moon” her voice.

In March 2021, the voice actress gave her first live concert at the LINE CUBE in Shibuya. This was recorded and will be released on October 6th on the Blu-Ray “1st LIVE Imagination Colors”. You can hear the songs from her first mini-album “RefRain” as well as her latest single “Literature”.

Reina Ueda continues her career as a musician

Seiyuu performing live Image: Reina Ueda

During the show, the Seiyuu proved that she can use her skills to create a story right in front of the audience. If you don’t want to wait until autumn, you should mark August 18th in your calendar, when the musician will release her new album “Nebula”.

The album contains 10 new tracks and costs 3,300 yen (about 25 euros). The Blu-Ray will go on sale for 8,800 yen (around 66 euros). Reina Ueda has been a solo artist since December 2016. “RefRain” was their debut album. Before that she worked as a voice actress in more than 80 productions. In 2011, the Seiyuu won second prize in the 5.81 audition. After that, she also lent her voice to various game characters, which further increased her popularity.

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