Religion: consecrated church dedicated to the mystic Natuzza Evolo – Calabria

At Paravati di Mileto. Bishop, “we need mothers like her”

(ANSA) – MILETO, 06 AUGUST – The consecration ceremony of the “Immaculate Heart of Mary Refuge of Souls” church dedicated to the mystic Natuzza Evolo, who died in 2009 at the age of 85, took place in Paravati di Mileto, near Vibo Valentia. . The construction of the church was strongly desired by the mystic.

Some thousands of people who attended the rite, celebrated by the bishop of the Diocese of Mileto-Nicotera-Tropea, Monsignor Attilio Nostro, present the two children of Natuzza, Angela and Francesco, together with their respective families.

A foundation was also named after Natuzza Evolo, chaired by Pasquale Anastasi. On the door of the church the inscription “I am love and mercy”, a phrase that the mystic repeated whenever she met her followers, scattered in large numbers not only in Calabria. The ceremony was attended by bishops from all the Dioceses of Calabria.

“Natuzza Evolo – said Monsignor Nostro in his homily – shared an important part of her life with God. A painful, tiring, sometimes even desperate part. And this is why today the world needs so many mothers like her. . You – the prelate said to the faithful – are witnesses here today of an unforgettable and historical event because it represents a milestone on the road that leads us to God. Today we are called, starting from this church, to bring to others the light of transfiguration that at times is revealed as glory and at others as the Cross of Christ. An easy, beautiful, immediate and effortless way, but at other times led to consider death as the dawn of eternal life and preparation for the encounter with Christ. in which people enter desperate and with so many questions and come out with hope and with only one answer: Jesus loves you “. (HANDLE).