Remaining one new unopened Hiroaka d prize smsp Deku Midoriya Izuku

Product description

This is one of Deku’s d prizes, which was very well received last time. It is very difficult to obtain. Weekend sale New and undecorated, but the outer box is damaged, there is pain, and the contents are not affected. It is a high-class figure with a high degree of perfection, and it is highly recommended for its unique coloring. Since it is also exhibited on other flea market sites, it is first come, first served. bwfc Izuku Midoriya 2D Coloring 2D Coloring My Hero Academia Hiroaka All Might Bakugo Katsumi Shoto Todoroki Endeavor #My Hero Academia #Hiroaka Figure Type Scale Figure Character Other SMSP Deku Overseas Genuine D Award Limited Edition rr My Hero Academia rBWFC SMSP Izuku Midoriya Deku Figure rTWO DIMENSIONS Prize D Equivalent product rr Note It may take more than 7 days to ship because it is currently being teleworked. Please purchase only those who can understand. rr #My Hero Academia #A Award #Izuku Midoriya #Deku Bakugo #Todoroki #All Might #Endeavor #Hawks #Villan #Toga Himiko #Ochako #Umeme #Dabi #Death Pattern #Hiroaka #Figure #smsp #Ichiban Lottery ♯ Anime ♯ Character ♯ Jump figma figuarts Kotobukiya Masterize Acrylic Stand Axta One Piece Dragon Ball Magical Battle Model Jump

Information of products

Product size:
Product condition: New, unused
Shipping fee burden: Shipping fee included (exhibitor burden)
Delivery method: Easy Mercari mail
Shipping area: Tokyo
Days to ship: Ships in 2-3 days

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