Resident Evil 2’s ridiculous animations mocked in TikTok’s cosplay video

New short parody highlights some of the absurd gameplay animations of the original version Resident Evil 2. The survival horror classic received an upgrade in 2019 in the form of a remake that updated many mechanics to modern gaming standards.

Before its remake in 2019, Resident Evil 2 has been an immensely well-received title since 1998. The sequel helped cement the series as a genre staple and even inspired other entries in the franchise, including its impact on Resident Evil Villagethe design of. That said, the original version of Resident Evil 2 has elements that don’t stand the test of time and one in particular has recently received a spotlight.

TikTok user lac_skywalker posted a short clip that shows how Leon Scott Kennedy approaches the stairs when he is badly injured in the classic version of the game. Even though it takes a lot of effort to get down the halls, the stairs are not a problem. for Leon as the protagonist casually takes them down before suddenly remembering his pain deep down. The short parody features a full cosplay of Leon and is complemented by the ever-changing camera angles that were present throughout the game, but it features its own unique voiceover to get the point across.

It seems odd that there weren’t any unique animations made to handle the stairs while getting hurt in the original version of Resident Evil 2. This could be one of the main factors explaining why there are so many Resident Evil redone. The technology of the day may not have allowed developers to achieve something so simple without sacrificing other important gameplay elements.

There is a lot of Resident Evil 2 remake made to improve the original beyond and fix animations like this was definitely a priority for the developers. However, its existence has gained a place of nostalgia among fans of the original game and while it is somewhat confusing by today’s development standards, there is also an undeniable element of charm. Lake_skywalker did a great job reminding fans that this exists in Resident Evil 2 and they should be commended for their impressive attention to detail not only in recreating the actions, but also in the cosplay effort and ever-changing camera angles.

Source: lac_skywalker / TikTok

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