Resident Evil 8: Village: Lady Dimitrescu is ready for live-action with this cosplay

If there is a character that from one moment to another became very popular, that is Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil 8: Village. Since he appeared in a preview of this game of Capcom, she caught the attention of the players.

Things leveled up with the full preview. Since then this character has been gaining more and more fans every day. That’s despite the fact that it is not yet clear who exactly this villain is.

Lady Dimitrescu steals the spotlight in Resident Evil 8: Village

She is known to be the ‘matriarch’ of the Castillo Dimitrescu that appears in the game, and that is the rival to beat Ethan Winters.

She is the one who leads the ‘witches’, who are a trio of scary-looking women who are apparently her daughters. He also has a brother, who some suspect is the mysterious man with round dark glasses that appears in the video.

For some reason, this lady responds to the orders of the enigmatic Mother Miranda.

Resident Evil 8: Village: Who is Lady Dimitrescu?

Something that impresses Lady Dimitrescu is your height in Resident Evil 8: Village. According to some calculations, it measures about eight feet, which is equivalent to 244 cm.

If to the above is added that he is able to turn his hands into claws style Freddy Krueger, it really is someone to fear. But it’s surrounded by the ‘charm’ that some fictional villains have, and fans have responded in spades. That through of arts Or until cosplays.

Resident Evil 8: Village: Lady Dimitrescu is listed for live action

A cosplay so good that it is even a little scary

Like the one we bring you now, a contribution of jokerlolibel. As can be seen, he recreated this character’s outfit very well. The dress she wears is according to the one that appears in the game of Capcom, the same as the hat, jewelry and accessories.

The hairstyle is similar, and to match the color of her eyes, she wears yellow pupils. The fact is that her features are similar to those of this fictional villain. That complements a great performance.

It is certainly one of the best cosplays that we have seen so far of Lady Dimitrescu, which by the way is sometimes written by mistake ‘Lady Dumitrescu’.

But returning to the subject, this interpretation is just a sample of how much this character of Resident Evil 8: Village.

Something that also helps her in these moments is the aura of mystery that surrounds her. We will see how things go between now and May 7.



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