Resident Evil: Tie up Lady Dimitrescu in … KFC’s Dating Sim ?!

Lately, Lady Dimitrescu, who appears to be the main villain of Resident Evil 8: Village, is on ‘everyone’s lips’.

The game of Capcom is not on sale yet, but it has become an inexhaustible source of tribute in the form of of arts, cosplays and even memes. Most of the above is from his fans.

But it seems that a well-known fast food company also decided to take advantage of it and it is nothing less than KFC.

Colonel Sanders and Lady Dimitrescu in a dating sim

That is, of the restaurants of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The strangest thing about the case is that it is through a video game from this same company, which is developed by KFC Gaming.

It is a dating simulator known as I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator. For the unaware, it is a game where you can court the Coronel Sanders, the official mascot of KFC and face rivals in the kitchen.

Lady Dimitrescu is already a character in Marvel vs. Capcom thanks fans

The game’s appearance is clearly inspired by manga and anime, and despite its ridiculous premise, some players like it a lot.

Meanwhile in Metacritic specialized criticism has ‘beaten’ him, in Steam it has a good average of reviews. Anyway, it is a free game.

But returning to the topic, what happens is that in the account in Twitter of this title appeared Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil 8: Village through an illustration.

Some more promotion for Resident Evil 8: Village

There appears the Coronel Sanders beside Alcina Dimitrescu, accompanied by the message ‘KFC Dating Simulator: Part 2. A ‘high’ order to say the least… ‘.

Yes, it could also be translated as a ‘difficult order’, but then all intention of highlighting the tremendous height of this villain is lost, who officially measures more than 2.7 meters.

Of course, the above does not mean that it will happen one day. It’s more of a team-in-charge joke.

So that something like this could be achieved, KFC Gaming, which is the study that develops I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator, you should come to an agreement with Capcom.

Would the creators of Resident Evil 8: Village such a ‘cross’ promotion? It’s a mystery, but stranger things have happened. However, there is not much hope. We better wait for the game to go on sale on May 7.

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