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A press release announced that the Okamoto Labs Research Institute launched the animation project Condom Battler Gorou: Revive, as part of a larger project to spread the use of male condoms among the Japanese. The press release writes: «Condom Battler Gorou: Revive“It is the sequel to”Condom Battler Gorou“Which debuted in 2020 and has had over 700,000 views on YouTube. While the character designs and visual effects of the previous animation were inspired by 90s anime, this new series, set five years and six months later, has a more realistic and contemporary air.‘.

To move on: “Due to “various reasons”, this project was released as a synthesized video of 56 seconds for each of the first and second halves, but was originally a “super anime production” that lasted 5 or 6 hours. In the first part the theme was “It is a mistake to think that it is embarrassing to have a condom“, And in the second part, the theme was”Not being able to say “put on a condom” is a big deal“, And the protagonist Gorou learns the importance of condoms while battling the enemy with his friends‘.

Synopsis of Condom Battle Gorou

The original series follows Gorou, a 24-year-old who dreams of becoming the best Condom Battler. His weapon of choice is a 0.01mm condom that loads into an arm dispenser, which opens to reveal red rubber armor that Gorou wears in battle. It also gives the hero the ability to summon sperm and create a goo attack. There are other characters in the anime like Miku and Hayato who duel using their own condoms. The anime is full of silly dialogue and fighting, but these heroes always make sure to give a sex ed lesson along the way.

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