Review of Pokémon: The Chronicles of Arceus, the new Netflix anime

From time to time, Netflix He has bet very heavily on the anime and it is becoming one of the most consumed products among a good part of its users.

One of its star products is Pokémon where, although it does not have all the anime in its entirety, it does gradually incorporate the latest novelties of the franchise into its catalog, such as the recent Pokemon: The Arceus Chronicleswhich has just landed on the platform.

Based on the new Nintendo Switch video game Pokemon Legends: Arceusthe new Netflix anime collects in film format the four episodes that make up this miniseries in which Ash Ketchum and his faithful companion and friend Pikachu They are back in another exciting adventure.

Ash returns to Sinnoh in the new Pokémon adventure


Pokémon Trailer: The Chronicles of Arceus, now available on Netflix

In Pokemon: The Arceus ChroniclesAsh and Goh visit the Sinnoh region, specifically Canal City, to continue their research on the myths of the legendary pokémon Arceus and learn how the inhabitants of Sinnoh lived in ancient times.

Immediately our protagonists meet Maya, an old friend of Ash’s with whom he has shared numerous adventures. Nevertheless, What seemed like a peaceful research trip turns into a dangerous mission when the Galaxia team is about to cause a major disaster with the intention of opening a portal to another dimension..

With the help of their good friend Brock, Ash, Goh and Maya will have to face the threat of the Galaxia team together with their fellow pokémon and make everything return to normal.

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After so many years of series and movies (and, of course, video game), little Pokémon can surprise us at this point. Although it seemed that it could innovate a bit by pulling the lore of the new video game, in the end it all comes down to various nods to the game and hardly goes into that aspect.

Without a doubt, the movie (or miniseries) cried out for a suitable adaptation of the video game Pokémon Legends: Arceus. It is true that the occasional sequence of the old Sinnoh region is shown, but it does nothing but leave us wanting a proper anime.

Little action is shown in the Netflix movie, having its strongest point in the fight between the protagonists and Team Galaxy. The good thing is that this time the presence of Team Rocket has been dispensed withsince they practically always appear in the middle and are a nuisance both for Ash and company and for the viewer himself.

Although the last third of the film is promising with the legendary pokémon of the day (because, as its title indicates, Arceus makes its appearance in the film), there comes a time when it becomes very heavy and you want Ash and his friends to resolve the situation as soon as possible to get up from your seat and dedicate yourself to something else.

Far away is that great first movie of Pokémon in which, not only focused on the little ones in the house (the “usual” audience of the franchise), but also had some of the most exciting and emotional moments for the not so little ones (oh, that scene from Ash and Pikachu is still making us cry…).

In conclusion, the Netflix movie Pokémon: The Chronicles of Arceus is another adventure of the lot with which to spend a merely entertaining timealthough there are much better anime to watch on the streaming platform, such as the recent masterful Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

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