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Rika is an artist and cosplayer based out of the Florida Panhandle and has been cosplaying since 2009. She has an intense love for each character she cosplays, and she always tries to keep the “play” in cosplay, incorporating the full character while will be in costume. For her, cosplay means first and foremost the “Be who you want to be”. In early 2013, Rika moved to Florida and began becoming friends and working with some of the most talented cosplayers and photographers in the southeastern United States. With this new-found inspiration and support, his cosplay record expanded dramatically, winning several local awards and making appearances at conventions on the Gulf Coast. Her favorite characters in Cosplay have the duality of being warm and seductive, but very strong, powerful, and a little dangerous. When it’s not cosplaying, Rika enjoys painting, table-top games, international food, and everything Disney.

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