Riot changes Udyr and brings Crime City Nightmare to the Rift

With Udyr, another veteran champion receives a rework that aims to reinvent the virtual shaman from scratch. The selection for an Udyr makeover was made by the community – Riot Games had a whole range of characters to choose from.

In addition to the shapeshifter, who received the most votes with 37.2 percent, the League of Legends players would also have voted for Skarner (17.3 percent of the vote), Nocturne (15.4 percent of the vote), Quinn (12.1 percent) Percent of the vote) or Shyvana (18 percent of the vote) can decide.

In addition to a champion rework, Riot Games also announced that they are working on a new skin series. In the course of the start of the season, several were unveiled, from which the community could decide on one, as with the rework. In the end, the vote went in favor of the Crime City Nightmare skin series.

Make two out of one – Crimy Cithy Nightmare & Debonair 2.0

In addition to this, Monster Tamers (based on the popular anime series Digimon and Pokémon) and Debonair 2.0 were also available. Although Crime City Nightmare won by a clear margin in the west and was able to unite almost half of all votes cast, the election in China was much more balanced.

Debonair 2.0 won by a slight margin (36.1 percent), closely followed by Crime City Nightmare (34.4 percent) and Monster Tamers (29.5 percent).

Based on these results, Riot Games decided to release both Crime City Nightmare and Debonair 2.0 later this year. But Monster Tamers will not be written off in full either and should be taken up again at a later date.

Crime City Nightmare is slated for a third quarter release, while Udyr isn’t slated to change until 2022.

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