Riot Control Simulator has frustrated gamers. Playing as cops who beat protesters is not their dream

Gamers saw the announcement of the new Riot Control Simulator, where you have to gamble for the cops disperse protests, and were upset. Police against protesters are not what gamers ordered in 2021. However, jokes about the attack on civilians softened the situation.

The Polish developer of PC games Ultimate Games SA together with Corpix Games announced the Riot Control Simulator. As conceived by the authors of the project, the game takes place in a democratic country in a critical situation due to protests.

Gamers are given the opportunity to play as police officers who are trying to protect civilians from aggressors. At the same time, the cops’ arsenal includes clubs, shields, special vehicles, tear gas and water cannons. Each player’s action can weaken the protest or, conversely, cause an even greater riot.

No release date has been set for the simulator, but the official trailer for Riot Control Simulator, posted on the Ultimate Games SA YouTube channel on April 12, can be viewed below.

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After the news appeared on the Web, gamers were divided into two groups: some wrote that they were looking forward to the moment when they could disperse virtual protests.

I want a game mechanic where you burst a balloon, like the protester in this video, – a Twitter user with the nickname Some Nobody turned to the authors of the simulator.

Others recalled that rallies around the world have become one of the main topics of 2020. And cases of abuse of authority by cops have repeatedly flashed in the headlines of the media.

However, gamers did not become discouraged and offered to “improve” the simulator by adding weapons and the ability to attack old women.

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