Riot Games’ animated series ‘Arcane’ to be released simultaneously on Netflix and Twitch on November 7th

The Netflix animated series ARCANE, produced by Riot Games using League of Legends (LoL) intellectual property (IP), will be released simultaneously on Netflix and Twitch worldwide on November 7. Arcane will be the first Netflix series to be broadcast exclusively simultaneously on Twitch.

Twitch Simultaneous Relay is an entertainment format that allows users to broadcast by adding their own commentary to specific content, similar to picture-in-picture (PIP). Streamers can watch viewers’ reactions in real time while watching and reacting to the first episode of Arcane.

Players and fans watching the first episode of Arcane on Twitch can also experience the global premiere event held at Riot Games’ headquarters in Los Angeles. In Korea, we plan to hold a watch party to watch Arcane with players. Information on this will be disclosed later.

Reporter Lee Hyun-soo [email protected]


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