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It was announced that Chamomile won the “Road Mobile Cosplayer Battle” held at “Road Mobile”. The winning chamomile has acquired the right to appear in large advertisements and the right to create original costumes.

Acquired the right to create “Road Mobile” original costumes!

[From the release below]

IGG (Group CEO: Zongjian Cai listed on Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Corporation, Japan location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), a global manufacturer of game apps for smartphones, held an event “Road Mobile Cosplayer Battle” at the world simultaneous battle RPG “Road Mobile”. We are pleased to announce that Chamomile has won the championship.

The winner, Chamomile, won a large-scale advertising appearance as an advertising model for “Road Mobile.”

Road Mobile Cosplayer Battle Overview

Four cosplayers will participate in the “Road Mobile” advertisement!

Compete for points in the guild joint battle, and the winning group gets the right to appear in a large signboard advertisement!

Which cosplayer will win the championship !?

Participating cosplayers (in alphabetical order)

  • chamomile
  • Sayuki
  • Asuka Nekota
  • Mami Hoshino

Event result

Winning benefits

  • Creating original costumes for “Road Mobile”
  • Large-scale advertising as an advertising model

The advertisement will be announced on the event Twitter after the start of posting.

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