Robot Taekwon V Co., Ltd. wins over copyright infringement of sculptures in recycling center

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Robot Taekwon V Co., Ltd. wins over copyright infringement of sculptures in recycling center

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Sculptures exhibited at the Gangdong-gu Recycling Center in Seoul in 2018 /Photo = Courtesy of Gangdong-gu Office

[아시아경제 김대현 기자] The company that owns the copyright for the domestic animation character Robot Taekwon V won a lawsuit for damages against the author and installer, claiming that a sculpture resembling a character violated the copyright.

According to law enforcement officials on the 14th, Judge Lee Jeong-kwon, who was solely responsible for civil 208 of the Seoul Central District Court, recently ruled some of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit for compensation for damages filed by Robot Taekwon V Co., Ltd.

The judge said, “The amount that Robot Taekwon V spent on commercial use and production of the work was about 70 million won, and the work was a modern design of characters widely known in Korea for decades. “He said. At the same time, author B paid 20 million won to the robot Taekwon V side, and company A and others sentenced to 10 million won jointly with B

Earlier in 2018, Company A contracted to rent and display 10 works of iron sculpture artist B, and exhibited some of them at the recycling center. This included an approximately 6m tall sculpture made of scrap car parts with an eco-friendly message, and for this, Robot Taekwon V claimed that it “infringed on the copyright of its character,” and filed a lawsuit for damages worth 30 million won.

Accordingly, Mr. B refuted with the intention that “Before the work of Robot Taekwon V was completed, I started making sculptures in 2006, and I did not rely on the work and created it independently.” Company A also complained that there was no intention or negligence for the act of infringing on the exhibition right of the work.

However, the judge ruled, “There is no evidence to admit Mr. B’s claim,” and “In addition, considering that the characters are art works and visual works well known in Korea, it is difficult to accept the claims of Company A.” However, he added, “There has been no case of selling or selling their works or receiving compensation for their exhibits.”

Reporter Kim Dae-hyun [email protected]


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