Role-playing game “Ghost Valley and Eight Wastes” limited-time promotion for only 61 yuan_山海经

Original title: Role-playing game “Ghost Valley Bahuang” limited-time promotion for only 61 yuan

The domestic role-playing game “Ghost Valley Bahuang” developed by Guigu Studio has launched a limited-time promotion in the Steam Mall. The original price is 68 yuan, and the price is now reduced by 10%. The price is only 61 yuan. The event ends on February 16.

“Ghost Valley and Eight Wastes” is an open-world sandbox repair game. The game background combines the immortal cultivation system and the culture of Shanhaijing, and players will experience the process of growing from a mortal to a strong one. In the game, players can experience the fun of interacting and fighting with various monsters in Shanhaijing through stories or triggering adventures. The official version will add more than 180 legendary monsters. Can you stick to your heart and do it with difficulties? Struggle, make choices carefully, and grasp your own destiny.

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