Role-playing game lesson plan for small class role-playing game

Small class role-playing game lesson plan

Activity goal

1. In the role game, imitate the “dad” and “mother” of adults playing with dolls, and try to do some parents’ daily tasks.

2. Through your own personal play, you can fully appreciate the hard work of mom and dad, and have a good mood of loving mom and dad.

Material preparation

1. Small bags used by parents for shopping.

2. Mobilize children to collect plush dolls in their own homes.

3. The computer song “Let Love Live in My Home”.

Activity process

Recall the daily plot of parents taking care of themselves-talk about what kind of parents they will be-children play role games independently-exchange demonstrations and evaluations-raise requirements

First, a lively conversation: my dear parents

1. Teacher: Child, do you love your parents? Why do you love mom and dad so much? Tell us all your reasons.

(Child 1: I love my parents, because my father will play games with me; my mother will accompany me to the park to play. Child 2: I love my parents, because my father has a lot of energy and has a lot of things to do at home; My mother is very beautiful and will comb my hair…….)

2. Teacher’s summary: Yes, parents care about their children most in the world. Because the family has the love of parents and children, it will be full of laughter. Now, let us sing the song “Let Love Live in My House” and bring the happy song to everyone’s home, okay? (Great)

(Play computer songs, all the children sing along.)

2. Character imagination: What kind of mom and dad would you be?

1. Teacher: Today, we will be a baby’s father and mother. Please think carefully, what kind of mom and dad would you be?

2. Encourage children to communicate quietly with friends to understand how others feel.

3. Individual children are asked to boldly express their ideas in front of the group, and the teacher should give affirmation and necessary supplements in time.

3. Choose your own role and play the role game “Mini Street”

1. (Show plush doll) Teacher: Look! There are so many dolls without parents in our class. In the future, please be the parents of the doll and give your love to the doll, okay? (Great)

2. The child who plays the role of a customer independently chooses the doll he likes, becomes the parent of the doll, and starts playing role games.

3. Pay attention to effective guidance during the game.

Specific method: The teacher also held the doll as a “mother” to eat, see a doctor, take pictures, go shopping, and have a haircut, and randomly observe some behaviors of other parents. You can also “chat” and become partners with your parents and go shopping together. Teachers’ rich game language, actions and content can infect children in the atmosphere of parallel interaction, thereby improving children’s game level. At the same time, teachers should randomly pay attention to every bright spot of the child and share the experience of successful parents with other children.

Fourth, exchange and show parents’ experiences and choose the best parents.

1. Teacher: Today’s dolls are very happy because their parents spent a happy day with them. So, which doll’s parents would like to introduce how you and your doll spent this day?

2. Individual children hold the doll to communicate with each other their own playing methods and award prizes through movements and words.

Fifth, increase the requirements for playing the game again.

The teacher affirmed all the practices of mom and dad, and put forward the promotion requirement for the next round: the doll must have both a father and a mother. A doll with a mother wants to have a father. How do you help him realize his wish? (Boys and girls combine family and play cooperative games.)

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