[Role playing]”Reaper: Legend of the Swordsman” English smart installation version download[123M]Game game repost


[Role playing]”Reaper: Legend of the Swordsman” English intelligent installation version download[123M]


Game name: Reaper: Legend of the Swordsman
English name: Reaper-Tale of a Pale Swordsman
Game type: Action role-playing (A·RPG) game
Game production: Hexage
Game release: Hexage
Game platform: PC
Time to market: February 08, 2014
Click to enter “Reaper: Legend of the Swordsman” English intelligent installation version download

Version description: The English intelligent installation version of “Reaper: Legend of the Swordsman” is based on the hard disk version of ALiAS.

[Reaper: Swordsman Legend Game Introduction]

After a period of silence, British independent game studio Hexage finally launched its eighth work “Reaper-Tale of a Pale Swordsman”. Compared with the previous seven games, this new game is an action RPG type that Hexage has never touched. However, the production level has not declined. The light and shadow effects and fighting design in the game are branded with a very special mark, which is refreshing.

This work belongs to a typical horizontal action clearance type. It is understood that this game is produced by a game development tool independently developed by Hexage, but both the light and shadow effects of the game and the fluency of the action have shown a super high level. Moreover, this time Hexage did not choose the usual retro visual effects, but instead packaged them with cartoonized visual effects. From the protagonist played by the player, “Black Swordsman”, it can be seen that the overall characterization of the game tends to be cartoonish. Cute fan. In terms of music, no atmospheric type is used to set off the flavor of the action. Instead, a slightly tense and mysterious music is selected. The matching effect is not against the harmony, it is quite satisfactory! The sound effect is quite eye-catching, and the sharp hitting sound effect perfectly interprets the visual sense of “knife into the flesh”.

Although the black-faced swordsman played by the player is neither tall nor mighty, nor does it have the slightest demeanor of the heroes in martial arts movies, the protagonist is even a little weak. But his ability is amazing (of course the player’s operation is also very important). The developer has set up a rich skill system for the black swordsman, with various moves, such as “sprint”, combo”, “rotating combo”, “pull slash”, “drop slash”… The action combo is really cool. Moreover, almost every move is closely related to the enemy’s control of the game itself. Among similar ARPGs, the action performance of “Reaper-Tale of a Pale Swordsman” is absolutely qualified to be among the top ten.

[Reaper: Legend of Swordsman Configuration Requirements]

Minimum configuration:

System: Windows 7
CPU :2 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800
DX  :DirectX Version 9.0c
Hard Disk: 1 GB available space
Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card

[Reaper: Legend of Swordsman Operation Instructions]

1. Unzip the compressed package

2. Click to install the game

3. Desktop shortcut orRun “Reaper” to enter the game

[Reaper: Swordsman Legend Game Screenshot]

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