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ROVIGO – After a year off, Rovigo Comics, Cosplay & Games is back! The festival, inserted within the Maggio Rodigino, held this year, throughout the month of June, is a cultural event that has reached its ninth edition and its tenth year of age.. Promoted by the Foundation for the Development of Polesine, sponsored by the Municipality of Rovigo and organized by the cultural association Comic’s Trip and by DeltaComics – comic bookshop, it is completely free and has the specific purpose of spreading the culture of comics in all its forms. The main theme underlying this ninth edition is “the relationship between cinema and comics” and is well represented in the poster designed by the famous cartoonist Leo Ortolani, creator of Rat-man. The author, on the occasion of RovigoComics, has released a video interview that will be published at 18.30 on Friday 25 June both on the Facebook page and on the YouTube channel of the event and will always remain visible, not only during the three days of the festival.

The Festival was presented this morning at Palazzo Nodari.

“We are happy – he said the councilor for Events and manifestations Roberto Tovo -, to be able to present this Festival which is back in a great way. A traditional but always innovative event in the cultural panorama of the city “.

Satisfaction also from Virgilio Santato president of the Polesine Development Foundation. “Rovigo is pleased to have welcomed new people and created opportunities to feel good together”.

The organizers Sara Zuolo and Andrea Visintin, explained the program.

RovigoComics, Cosplay & Games is made up of three macro-areas: the Comics Area, the Games Area and the Cosplay Area which this year will meet in the Giardini delle Torri (Piazza Matteotti), where a covered stage has been set up. both meetings with live guests and streaming events to be held on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27.

Instead, starting from 6.30 pm on Friday 25 June, in the hall of the Pescheria Nuova, corso del Popolo 40, the exhibition will be inaugurated, according to the theme of the event with the works of works by Federico Vicentini, Studiopazzia, Giuseppe Di Bernardo, Enrico Pierpaoli ( Wasabi Gummybear), Martina Mastroieni, Marta Todeschini, Francesco Vacca, Sara Rossi and Federica Brotto.

It is good to specify that this year, the festival will change shape compared to the one that the city of Rovigo has now come to love: for safety reasons it was not possible to organize neither the exhibition market nor the Cosplay Contest, even if, on the stage set up at the Giardini delle Torri it will still be possible to attend, by booking via the appropriate link, many interesting events! All conferences and interviews are, as always, completely free and to access them there are two simple possibilities: the first is to book your seat through the links of the individual events that can be found on the event website, on the facebook page and on the Instagram profile. The second is to follow the events in streaming, both on the Facebook page and on the Youtube channel!

The events proposed are:

Friday 25 June, hall of the New Fish Market:

6.30 pm Inauguration of the exhibition

Works by Federico Vicentini, Studiopazzia, Giuseppe Di Bernardo, Enrico Pierpaoli, Martina Mastroieni, Marta Todeschini, Francesco Vacca, Sara Rossi, Federica Brotto will be exhibited.

Saturday 26 June, stage present in the Gardens of the Towers, Piazza Giacomo Matteotti:

3.30 pm: The author Enrico Pierpaoli will be present at the Delta Comics Bookshop to autograph his works. Booking is not mandatory but recommended, for info: [email protected] or on DeltaComics’ social profiles.

From 16.00 to 17.00: From paperbacks to the big screen. In connection: Le Diabolike, Giuseppe Di Bernardo and Mario Gomboli, editorial director of the Astorina publishing house.

From 17.00 to 18.00: Stories of gummy bears, wasabi and daily discomforts. Live interview with Enrico Pierpaoli. The author will accompany us in his nice narrative universe, which winks at everyday reality with comedy and a good dose of references to pop culture in the round.

From 18.00 to 18.30: A cartoonist from Polesine at Marvel. Live interview with Federico Vicentini. The designer Federico Vicentini will tell us about his artistic path that led him to land at the Marvel publishing house and to give life to the adventures of Spider-Man and Winter Soldier.

From 18.30 to 19.30: From comics to cinema through Japanese animation. Meeting with Maria Roberta Novielli, professor of history of cinema and animation at the Ca’Foscari University, curator of AsiaMedia, the Italian website dedicated to Asian cinema, artistic director of the Ca ‘Foscari Short Film Festival and director of the Master in Fine Arts in Film-making of the Ca ‘Foscari University.

From 8.30 pm to about 11.00 pm: Preview screening of the film “Covered Sun” The event will be preceded by an interview with the authors, Erica Andreose and Elia Rosa, and with the leading actors.

Sunday 27 June stage present in the Gardens of the Towers, Piazza Giacomo Matteotti:

From 15.00 to 16.00: Cyrano Comics presents: The new adventures of Emilio Salgari and The Locals.

The guys from Cyrano Comics will present their latest editorial efforts. It will range from the amazing steampunk adventures of Emilio Salgari, set in Italy at the end of the 19th century, in the volume Emilio Salgari and the Garage della Regina Margherita, to the exploits of an unlikely group of local “superheroes for hobbies”, the Locals, engaged in their latest adventure The Locals, Part II – The circle.

From 16.00 to 17.00: Between animation and cinema: dubbing In connection: the voice actor Alessio Cigliano.

From 17.00 to 18.00: Gunpla assembly demonstration, in connection: Raffaele Du Marteau of Cosmic Group. Raffaele will explain how to correctly assemble a gunpla, what tools are needed for assembly, which are the best colors to use and some advice on the airbrush. At the end of his speech there will be a series of questions collected by the group of enthusiasts “Gunpla Rovigo”.

From 18.00 to 19.00: Cinema, video games and… comics? What will its future be? In connection: Emanuele Tenderini of Tatai Lab who will share his reflections on how comics should evolve to keep up with the times who want everything to be faster and more immediate.

From 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm: How to choose and make a cosplay The simple and practical guide of the experts: Arielfoxy, Alessandro Bellio, Miriam Esteban Rossi and Massimo Stella.

From 9.00 pm: Sunymao in concert!

Sunita Zucca, aka Sunymao, will perform live singing the songs of the most famous anime.

For information:

Mail: [email protected]



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