Russian schools will have “educators” who will talk with children about politics and rallies

The Russian movement of schoolchildren will work on the project. It has already been compared to a pioneer organization.

In Russian schools, they plan to introduce the position of advisers to school directors on education. This was announced at the end of December “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov.

According to him, such advisers from among teachers will receive a bonus of 15 thousand rubles, and their tasks will include “organizing the education” of schoolchildren. The first competitions for this position should take place in 2022 in all regions of Russia. Moreover, in 2021 it will be held in ten pilot regions.

On January 23 of this year, the minister, speaking before the Federation Council and speaking about the introduction of the position of adviser on education, said the following: “How will children achieve their goals? What and at what point in life can affect their worldview? How to prevent the possibility of a destructive influence for children? “

According to the publication “Kommersant”, the project is largely responsible for the Russian movement of schoolchildren (RSC), created in 2015, which is overseen by the administration of President Vladimir Putin. The executive director of this organization, Irina Plescheva, told reporters that “future educators should speak with children in their language, including about politics and rallies.”

“The task is for the educator to communicate with young people first of all. They have a request to communicate with them on political topics, including about rallies,” the woman said.

To find a common language with young people, educators will need to know how they live. In particular, they will study memes, watch streams and films popular among young people, listen to music, conduct social networks, understand game consoles and computer games, and so on.

RShD was established in 2015 by decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The purpose of the organization is to “educate adolescents and” shape the personality on the basis of the system of values ​​inherent in Russian society. “

“Some experts then compared the RDS with the Soviet pioneer organization,” says the Kommersant article.

As previously reported, Russia has compiled a new “black list” of anime. They intend to ban a number of popular anime cartoons, including such well-known TV series as “The Prince of Darkness” and “Still Life in Grayscale”.

Recall that on January 20, the Russian authorities judicially banned the Death Note anime series, having discovered in one of the anime episodes “calls for suicide, images of physical and psychological violence, as well as non-traditional sexual relations.” Note that earlier in Russia the British comedy “Death of Stalin” was banned, having seen the “Ukrainian trace” in the film.


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