Russians made a cosplay on Queen from the video I Want To Break Free in women’s outfits

Russian cosplayers presented the images of the Queen members from the video I Want To Break Free, where the musicians changed into female images. Photoshoot shared one of the cosplayers Nastya Rogozina on her VK page.

The image of Freddie Mercury embodied Tonya (under the name Theodore Enotov VK), Roger Taylor was presented by Nastya Rogozina herself, Brian May showed Elena Buderkina, and John Deacon is a cosplayer under the name Anton Gorodetsky in the social network VK. Photographer became Tim Frost.

The song I Want to Break Free was released in 1984 and became part of Queen’s album The Works. The band members donned women’s outfits for the music video to parody the long-running UK TV series Coronation Street.

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