Ryusei Nakao, voice of Frieza entertainer “similar” and taiko ban approved for more than 10 years

The role of Frieza in the anime “Dragon Ball Z”, “Soreike! A live countdown live event was held online on the 4th to celebrate the birthday of Ryusei Nakao (70), a voice actor known for his role as Baikinman in Anpanman. While voice actors Toshihiko Seki, Naoya Uchida, and Toru Furuya rushed to the celebration, Nakao shared his memories with Masatake Yamamoto of BAN BAN BAN, who is known as the impersonator of Frieza who was the moderator.



Ryusei Nakao’s birthday event delivered by Takaki Nakao (C) Dramatic Company Provided by: ViSUALIVE

[Photo]Frieza in a suit?Cosplay Sealed Impressionist’s Real Face

Yamamoto, who is known as a Frieza impersonator, sealed Frieza’s art without cosplaying on that day. Nakao recalled, “How long have you been with Yama-chan?” Yamamoto said, “Mr. Takaki was 58 years old. I started working as a Frieza comedian from now on. It’s about the age, “he said.

Regarding his encounter with Yamamoto, Nakao said, “I was surprised. At first, my friend told me that I was out, and I saw a video like YouTube,” he said. “The week I saw that video, I wrote a letter. I was very impressed when I received the letter “I’m Nakao from Yoshimoto … I’m imitating Frieza.” I immediately replied, “If you’re like me, Please do it steadily. “”

Nakao said, “I went to see a live house in Shibuya. Then I’m dating. It’s really similar, I have a voice. That’s right, a member of the theater company.” I make a mistake, “said Taiko.

When recording “Anpanman”, he asked “Can Yamamoto appear?” In the scene where the manga was split up, and he said, “If you were joking, it was a Christmas special …” that was realized in 2009. Spoke. Regarding the episode at that time, Yamamoto laughed, “I just had the same voice (Baikinman), so everyone said,’Isn’t Takaki-san doing it alone?'”

You can watch the archive of this event until the 7th. Tickets are sold at ViSUALIVE.

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