SAIC Xiangdao and Sony China reached an exclusive cooperation to help digital transformation

Original title: SAIC Xiangdao and Sony China reached an exclusive cooperation to help digital transformation

Xiangdao Car Rental andSonyThe Chinese cooperation signing ceremony was held in Shanghai on May 28, and the two parties formally reached an exclusive cooperation.Xiangdao Car Rental will give full play to the multiple advantages accumulated in products, platforms, services, etc., forSonyChina’s entire business line exclusively provides high-standard and diversified corporate-exclusive travel services to help them realize digital and visual management and improve vehicle operation efficiency.

  SonyChina is a company that produces a large amount of entertainment content such as film, television, animation, music, etc. The product line covers many scenarios such as electronics, film and television, music, games, animation, and education. In recent years, it has differentiated travel, business, and conferences in China. Demand is showing a trend of rapid growth. How to effectively control costs and improve efficiency while meeting the rapidly growing demand has become the primary issue considered by Sony China.

Xiangdao Car Rental, which has been deeply involved in the field of corporate travel for 30 years, has reached an exclusive cooperation with Sony China to provide Sony China with nearly 100 corporate vehicles in 30 cities across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, to meet the rapidly increasing diversification of Sony China Travel demand.

Xiangdao Car Rental will also implement digital control of Sony China’s corporate car business through the self-developed Xiangdao Enterprise Intelligent Management Backstage. The entire process will be visualized from car approval to use. Sony China can also directly perform order management, Operations such as vehicle management and data analysis. In the subsequent vehicle operation, Xiangdao Rent-a-Car can also assist Sony China in analyzing actual usage data, carrying out overall car demand diagnosis, and optimizing the combined car plan for various car usage scenarios, directly and effectively helping Sony China in enterprise-level travel. Achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

After the exclusive cooperation between Xiangdao Car Rental and Sony China, it will use exclusive high-standard travel services to solve the problem of Sony’s Chinese corporate travel needs in an all-round way, and once again on the road to build a one-stop full-scene travel service platform preferred by corporate customers A solid step. In the future, the two parties will adhere to the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation, deeply integrate resources and experience advantages in their respective fields, and create more possibilities for quality travel experience in the enterprise-level travel field.

Xiangdao Car Rental is committed to becoming the preferred enterprise-level travel service operator of customers. Through 30 years of accumulation and accumulation in the enterprise travel field, it integrates advanced corporate service concepts at home and abroad. It has now deployed more than 30 regions and 154 cities across the country. Provided car solutions for more than 2,200 corporate customers. After the brand renewal and upgrade in May 2019, Xiangdao Car Rental is backed bySAICWith the leading full industry chain, Internet and big data strength, as well as the technological empowerment of Xiangdao Travel, the quality of service has been further improved. Xiangdao also launched the “Xiandao Enterprise Edition” APP, which combines the original long-term car rental business to provide corporate users with more personalized, real-time, daily rental, business travel, field work, commuting, airport transfers, shuttle buses, etc. Fragmented car services help companies reduce costs and increase efficiency. (Yu Liyan)

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