sailor cosplay in buttercup costumecosplays move the sun and other stars –

What is real poetry? To find out, just watch this disguise of Marin in a bathing suit, the character of the Japanese series My darling dressing, made by buttercupcosplays. Dante’s inspiration is obvious. At first glance it is not very clear where it is, but believe that in the plan there is certainly a quote from Saint Bernard.

They don’t seem written for the cosplayeur the verses: “are you the one whom human nature / yes ennobles, whom his Creator / did not disdain to make himself his work? Aren’t the latter also very appropriate? “Love gathered in your womb, / for whom warmth in eternal peace / so did this flower sprout.” ? We are obviously faced with the description of this Sailor, who with Maria has only one letter of difference, made in unsuspecting times and placed in Paradise. Almost a prophecy, you might say.

After all, we too, faced with so much magnificence, can only affirm: “Oh, how short and how weak it is / to my concept! And that, from what I have seen, / is so, that it is not enough for me to say ‘little’.” And conclude by thinking of “the love that moves the sun and the other stars”.

In short, a cosplay that elevates by transcending our senses and our thoughts to the heights of heaven!

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