Sailor Moon: Cosplay transforms Sailor Mars costume into armor

Although the sailor suit is the outfit that identifies any protagonist of Sailor Moon, the series’ fan community unleashes their creativity by creating alternate versions of the costume, as in the following cosplay de Sailor Mars performed by Jessica nigri (Pinterest). Like her partner Sailor Jupiter, the uniform that identifies Rei as a Sailor Scout has evolved into a very powerful-looking armor.

Sailor Moon Cosplay transforms Sailor Mars costume into armor

Let the fire of Mars burn! | Photo: Jessica Nigri (Pinterest)

The bib, shoulder pads and forearm protections are hand painted. Finally as a nice touch Nigri shows off Rei’s powers as a priestess by displaying the scrolls she uses even without her transformation as Sailor Scout. In fact, the scrolls help Sailor Mars to summon her fire bird, known more for being her most powerful attack.

Sailor Moon Cosplay transforms Sailor Mars costume into armor

Scrolls that make evil burn | Photo: Jessica Nigri (Pinterest)

The idea of ​​showing any of the Sailor Scouts in a battle outfit has even moved on to dressing Serena and her friends with the armor of Knights of the Zodiac. But it was about time these characters had their own “ornamental” version of their costume.

What did you think of this cosplay with the armor of Sailor Mars?


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