Sailor Moon cosplay turns her into a real rabbit

Pui Pui is a rabbit who has become a costume sensation thanks to his adorable photographs where he makes hundreds of character interpretations, and apparently the protagonist of Sailor Moon It is the new project of this fluffy character since he made a cosplay of Serena, known in her country of origin as “Usagi”.

Since Usagi Tsukino’s name refers to the legend of the moon rabbit, the request is more than fulfilled by fate, so now the bunny decided to borrow Serena’s lunar scepter and transform into Sailor Moon.

Cosplay Sailor Moon conejo

I will punish you in the name of carrots | Photo: puipui_the_bunny

In order to avoid complications when dressing, Pui Pui is wearing the sailor collar that all sailor scouts wear in their costumes, which is adorned by a bow in the center. With this and its charm as a very plush animal, Pui Pui revives the traditional tale of the rabbit on the moon.


Usagi Tsukino means moon rabbit | Photo: Toei Animation

What do you think of this Sailor Moon cosplay made by the rabbit Pui Pui?


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