Sailor Moon: Cosplayer becomes Super Sailor Moon thanks to this outfit

In the history of Sailor Moon We can see incredible transformations on the part of the Sailor Guardians when they are ready to face all evil, but the power they have at first increases through the plot.

The Sailor Scouts recognize their attacks as they face their opponents, and as they meet more powerful opponents, they have to give their all in the fight. That is why within the Guardians who manages to have more transformations is Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon has the ability to transform into Super Sailor Moon, where her transformation outfit is modified a bit and clearly increases her power, however, her most powerful phase is Eternal Sailor Moon that she achieves thanks to the gathered power of all the Guardians.

Foto: reiko_aino

This photograph was shared by the cosplayer @reiko_aino who through his Instagram has shared with his followers and him fandom from Sailor Moon his great job recreating this Usagi transformation outfit.

As we can see, this photo from a distance shows a large city at night and the silhouettes of the Sailor Scouts are reflected in the glass. We can quickly differentiate Sailor Moon’s outfit when she changes to Super Sailor Moon since her costume becomes mostly white and the colors on the edge of the skirt stand out.

Is cosplayer spends much of his career in the industry recreating characters from Sailor Moon, although he mainly gives life to Usagi in all her facets, he also performs cosplays collaborative with her friends who play the rest of the Sailor Scouts and even The team has been joined by a boy who plays Tuxedo Mask and King Endymion.


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