Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars in a cosplay with the Star Power of Mars

Sailor Mars, one of the Sailor Scouts from the Sailor Moon series never goes out of style and this cosplay represents her heavenly beauty.

Years have passed but Sailor Moon is as present today as it was in the early 1990s. Much of the charm of the series is its characters such as Rei Hinobetter known to many as Sailor Marsso remembered not only for official products but also for the fan art y cosplay. She is one of the first Sailor Scouts that appear in the work of Naoko Takeuchi and as its name suggests, it is associated with the planet Marte.

Sailor Mars She is one of the four protectors of Serenitythe Princess of the moon With Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter y Sailor Venus. When he reincarnated he kept that position but this time taking care of Serena/Usagi Tsukino and being one of her closest friends. In its current version Rei not only has the skills of a Sailor Scout but also of a miko or Japanese priestess. She went to the temple Hikawa where you found it Serena.

Rei Hino He is a character that stands out for his great temperament and passion for everything he does. She is not associated with the fire element for nothing. Due to her ancestry she has ESP abilities. This allows you to detect evil presences ahead of time, which is a great advantage. Her personality is somewhat serious and that is why she clashes with him on more than one occasion. Serena who is more relaxed and sometimes talks too much.

Despite Sailor Mars ends up sometimes fighting with Sailor Moon they are very good friends. She is able to bring order among her companions Sailor Scouts and make them focus on one goal. He is also notable for his independence and tends to distrust men, although that does not mean that he hates them. However, the personality of Rei varies in terms of manga and anime; It’s something to consider.

When Rei Hino transforms is that his characteristic uniform enters the scene. It is the one that can be seen in the cosplay of Sailor Mars of Chocolat (@Chocolate_cos0). The red color predominates both in the earrings and in the ribbon that she wears around her neck. The same can be said for the center of her headband and the bands at the elbows of the gloves, short skirt and bow at the waist. From the photos it cannot be seen if she is wearing red sneakers.

The same star-shaped earrings are red. The secondary color that prevails in the appearance of Sailor Mars and what can be seen in this cosplay it is purple. Especially because of the big bow that she wears on her chest, but this extends equal to her physical characteristics. The eyes of Rei they have a similar hue, and although their long hair is black it has some dark violet tints. It is noticeable in the work of Chocolat.

Is cosplayer took into account all the details of the appearance of this Sailor Scout of Sailor Moon. Although perhaps the circle in the center of the bow could have been a little brighter. A little more visual support wouldn’t have been bad either. But on average it’s a cosplay pretty decent of Sailor Mars. She, like the rest of the Sailor Scoutsis preparing to return in the latest installment of Sailor Moon Crystal.

I am referring of course to the movie. Sailor Moon Cosmos which will have its premiere next year. I wish Toei Animation give a worthy closure to this new adaptation of the work of Takeuchi. Although it had a very rough start, with the passage of time it improved. It is a good alternative to the original anime but this one is too good and left so many pleasant memories to several generations that they will never be able to forget it completely.

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