Sailor Moon: This fiery cosplay of the beautiful Rei Hino will blow your mind

Of all the characters of Sailor Moon, Rei Hino stands out for her violent and profound beauty, which makes all the sense in the world considering that Takeuchi san relied on the Greco-Roman God of War to create this vigilante. For that reason We loved this Sailor Mars cosplay, as it gave us a faithful interpretation of one of the most stunning waifus in the entire series.

By the power of Mars!

sailor moon cosplay characters

Protecting Earth from Cosmic Threats! | Image: Ultra (DeviantArt)

Seeing the Ultra cosplay We can conclude, without fear of being wrong, that this artist was born to play Rei Hino, and we do not say it only because of her faithful characterization of the character, but because her physical resemblance to this warrior is enormous.

In this way, we notice that The artist has insisted on using the sailor outfit that the Sailor Guardians usually wear when they have to face their enemies. Likewise, we note that in the photograph the artist has made certain adjustments, thus offering us the fantasy of seeing this vigilante in action: launching one of her fire attacks.

sailor moon anime characters

As beautiful as cherry blossoms | Image: Ultra (DeviantArt)

In the following image of the Ultra set we can see again Sailor Mars, but with a certainly different profile: posing for the camera as cherry blossoms rain down on the streets of Tokyo.

With just a couple of photos of Ultra’s work, we were able to come to the following conclusion: this is how you should adapt to cosplay! Draws of Sailor Moon!

sailor moon characters toei animation

Beautiful, powerful and quite aggressive | Image: Toei Animation

Sailor Mars is one of the heroines in the play of Naoko Takeuchi More popular. This is partly due to her immense power, energetic personality and dazzling design: but also due to the fact that this female justice is a faithful friend and a person with a will of steel, the indispensable requirements to become a Sailor Guardian.

And you, what do you think of this cosplay of Sailor Moon?


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