Sailor Moon: What changes exist between the anime and the manga?

Generally, animes that adapt the arguments of a manga do not do so in a totally reliable way, but for one reason or another (or sometimes even without reason) diverge in such a way that they end up offering the public a substantially different product, but with the same title. Such has been the case with Sailor Moon.

This situation may not have been perceived by fans who only stayed with the version created by Toei Animation. It is because of that We have decided to make a list with the most outstanding differences between the anime and the manga of Sailor Moon.

Malachite and Zoisite’s relationship

These two characters were part of the group of the Four Heavenly Kings, who were imposed at first as antagonists of the Sailos Scouts. In the manga, Naoko Takeuchi made it clear that Malachite and Zoisite were only partners, but in the anime, the writers preferred to make these two a sentimental couple. However, due to homophobic prejudices From several countries in the West, before the series was broadcast Zoisite’s gender was modified, making him pass as a woman.

malachite zoisite villanos sailor moon

Boyfriends in anime, friends in manga | Image: Toei Animation

Darien’s guards

Another point at which the anime deviated significantly from what was proposed in the manga, is in the role played by the Four Heavenly Kings. In the anime, these four were no more than the villains in turn that the Sailor Scouts had to defeat, while In the manga, Takeuchi assigned them a much more complex and important task: to serve as the protectors of Darien, better known in the past as Prince Endymion.

sailor moon celestial guardians manga

Characters that passed without pain or glory in the anime | Image: Toei Animation

The gender of the Sailor Starlights

One of the most abrupt changes that the anime implemented with respect to the manga, was the gender of the Sailor Starlights. While in the comics these characters were about women who could transform into Sailor Scouts, in the anime they decided to present them as men who transformed into women, a decision that angered the mangaka, who had previously established that only a woman could achieve such power.

sailor starlights personajes anime manga

So are they male or female? | Image: Toei Animation

The end of Sailor Moon

The biggest of the great differences that the anime had with respect to the original work, is its ending. The anime, on the one hand, after Sailor Moon defeated Sailor Galaxia, featured Darien’s reunion with Serena, who in the final scene gave each other a long kiss under the Moon. On the other hand, Naoko Takeuchi told us in the manga that after she was done with Sailor Galaxia, Serena and Darien got married at a party where the Sailor Scouts served as bridesmaids. An unbeatable ending.

Sailor Moon FINAL

Since this work was created by Naoko Takeuchi in the 90s, its peculiarities were visible to all viewers. Today we can affirm that Sailor Moon it is a series full of curiositiesYes, but it is the differences that exist between the animated version and the manga that truly take the crown.

And you, did you already know these differences between anime and manga?


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