Saitama arouses dangerous suspicions about his strength

The latest chapter of One-Punch Man he has shown a very worrying attention towards Saitama than the one the protagonist might be ready for. After the challenging and violent fight against Garou and the Monster Syndicate, the Hero Syndicate did their best to recover so that they could fight back and deal with any future threats.

About that though the Hero Association has focused more of its attention on Saitama, while the monsters get stronger and the heroes aren’t sure what to do next. However, this situation may not be as pleasant for him as one might think.


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The last chapters of One-Punch Man see the Hero Association reorganize after the conflict against the Monster Association. Saitama has suddenly received more attention from the top after rising through the ranks very quickly. Furthermore those around him begin to suspect that the protagonist is much stronger than they realize. This makes him a target for the other heroes, making for a tense situation.

One-Punch Man Chapter 171 picks up shortly after Saitama manages to breach the defenses of Metal Knight’s fortress. This fortress was built to withstand the heaviest attacks. The same Metal Knight has become more suspicious of the hero.

Saitama is quickly managed to reach grade A in just over 60 days since he first joined the organization. Since this happened Metal Knight will keep an eye on him. But he won’t be the only one doing it.

When Genos tells the other heroes what happened in the fight with Garou, Zombieman and Flashy Flash also begin to suspect about Saitama’s hidden strength. Not only that, but the godlike being who has taken control of Garou has only seemingly begun to reach Earth in response to Saitama’s force.

So now it is necessarily the center of attention. Also knowing that Saitama rarely hides what he can do, this could cause him some problems.

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