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[Werbung] Let’s continue with Hela! I really wanted to cosplay Hela again. Instead of a zentai suit, this time in a more classic version. Well, would have thought that you would be so restricted in your movements?! In any case, I hadn’t figured it out. πŸ˜…β£
To be honest, I always make sure that I can move as freely as possible in my cosplays. If I can’t do that, or if I’m too limited, then the cos usually flies again. 😁⁣
That’s how Hela should leave me again.. but I like it too much to let her go. πŸ™ˆβ£
Do you pay attention to freedom of movement in your cosplays❓⁣
Which picture variant do you like better πŸ’š or πŸ€β“β£
Costume by @simcosplayshop ⁣
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