Sakugan Anime Episode 1 special from May 14-15 August

Sakugan is the latest addition to the science fiction genre and is based on the “curiosity killed the cat” concept. Yes that’s right! The anime is about a tough father-daughter duo who want to explore a world beyond their knowledge.

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It’s obvious how dangerous the outside world is to them, considering that most of it is unexplored. But will that stop our protagonists from being inconsiderate? Absolutely not. And we are here to experience their adventures!

Sakugan decided to give the fans a small gift by showing the anime episode 1 from Jan.

The anime will start airing regularly in October 2021. However, a specific release date has not yet been announced.

The episode is called “Fathers & Daughters” and will be available to everyone in the dAnime Store for 48 hours. It will also be available on various Japanese channels!

The anime takes place in a mysterious underground world called Labyrinth, in which our protagonists Memempuu and Gaganbar live. It has colonies that people can live in, and the places outside are marked as dangerous.

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Memempuu is a curious but smart nine year old whose dad Gaganbar has one of the coolest jobs. But as expected, Gaganbar also has the most dangerous job: making a map of the maze in which they live.

According to the rules of the anime, they have a whole crew to help them explore and map the unknown. Memempuu, however, has another motive in mind. It is to find her mother no matter what.

I always think sci-fi anime is cool. I mean, the fascinating animations, the technical stuff and the stories are always spectacular. The same goes for Sakugan, and with the mysterious aspect, I can’t wait!

The anime looks really promising to me. But let us know what you think of it!

About Sakugan

Sacks & Guns !! is an upcoming Japanese anime television series from Satelight. It is an adaptation of the novel Sakugan Labyrinth Marker by Nekotaro Inui.

What follows is the journey of the curious nine-year-old Memenpu and her father Gaganba, who is not good at anything.

One day Memempuu asks Gaganbar to travel with her to find her mother.

The area outside the colony is classified as dangerous and encounters a huge mysterious creature roaming the cave. Life expectancy is reduced to five percent.

Those: Official Sakugan website

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