Sam and how to activate the Samsung voice assistant

When the existence of Sam to Internet, many took for granted that she would be the next voice assistant of Samsung. I would enter the place of Bixby and there was no shortage of people looking for how to activate this function to have it.

However, and as we shared before, the truth is somewhat more prosaic. It was one more example that people, and even the media, tend to jump to conclusions too quickly, without sufficient evidence at hand.

Sam is not a substitute for the voice assistant Bixby

To get started, Sam it is not designed directly by Samsung. It is the work of the Brazilian company Lightfarm, who collaborated with Cheil Agency to create it. The latter is related to the South Korean mobile manufacturer.

He is a character created to give a more human appearance to phone sales training courses. So actually supporting users is intended as an endorsement of marketers’ instruction.

Mexican cosplayer plays Sam from Samsung

Possibility of seeing Sam in another role besides ‘instructor’? After all the fuss it caused on the Internet, anything can happen. But being an initiative of a subsidiary of Samsung, it doesn’t look like it’s going to become a voice assistant to replace Bixby.

Unless the parent company takes advantage of its fame. But while that happens, it doesn’t hurt to learn how to activate voice assistance on your mobiles.

Learn how to activate voice assistance

The how to activate the voice assistant Samsung It is useful for those who resort to these types of tools, or are interested in taking advantage of them. Furthermore, it cannot be entirely ruled out that Sam it could be the ‘human face’ of this software.

So it doesn’t hurt to know. It should be noted that once in operation, you just have to say ‘Hi Bixby’ and there is no need to press the access key. If we don’t like it, it can also be deactivated.

The steps to Activate the voice assistant are the following, and logically, you need a mobile of Samsung to do it. Likewise, a connection to a WIFI or mobile data network:

– With the mobile device screen unlocked, briefly press the Bixby key.

– On the home page, click on the ‘More options / settings’ icon.

– Select ‘Settings’.

– Press ‘Voice activation’ and activate it.

Sam and how to activate the Samsung voice assistant

Sam and how to activate the Samsung voice assistant

It should be noted that if the pronunciation was recorded on the first connection, and you want to cancel it (or record a new one), then you must choose the option ‘Delete recordings Wake up command’.

Now, depending on the mobile phone model of Samsung, the icon ‘More options / settings’ You can change. But the process must be very similar. So now you know how to activate voice assistance in the event that Sam come some day.

The video that accompanies this note is an extra help so that you can activate this function. But the process is extremely simple.


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