Sambon Electronics,’Circle Re’ officially launched

[팍스넷뉴스 김민지 기자] Sambon Electronics, a KOSDAQ listed company, announced on the 30th that it will officially release the game’Circle Re: Hongwol Erosion’ (hereinafter referred to as Circle Re) jointly published with its subsidiary Haru Entertainment.

Circle Re has reached 1 million pre-reservation recruiters in anticipation that users who are tired of the existing automatic combat system can enjoy a wider variety of games. Based on a solid worldview and story, it is a game where you can experience new pleasure by playing battle through three characters each with different attributes.

Along with the official launch of the service, various promotions are held. Last week, we released all of the cosplay images of famous influencers Bitberry, Quindami, and Su-ryun training. The entire cosplay image of Song Joo-ah, Nari Dok, and Lee Yoo-ran will be released later, and real-time broadcasts of these Influencers are also being prepared.

A webtoon composed of the game will be released with the participation of the famous YouTuber’Sechi-tuk’, a domestic web animation producer. The entire original soundtrack (OST) of Erinys, who received a good response, is also released.

Circle Re can be downloaded for free in all domestic markets such as Google Play Store, App Store, Galaxy Store, and One Store. Details of the various prize events currently being held can also be found at the Official Circle Re Community Cafe.

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