SAMG, IPO price confirmed at KRW 17,000… “Enhancing IP competitiveness and business capabilities through listing”

289 participating in the recruitment of 997,500 shares assigned to institutions… Expected public offering fund of 23.8 billion won

[서울경제TV=윤혜림기자]SAMG Entertainment (SAMG), a comprehensive kids and family platform company, announced through a public announcement on the 22nd that it had confirmed the public offering price at 17,000 won as a result of demand forecasting for domestic and foreign institutional investors on the 17th and 18th.

In this demand forecast, a total of 289 institutional investors applied for 44.62 million shares for 997,500 shares, or 71.25% of the total public offering, recording a final competition rate of 44.73 to 1.

As a result, the size of the public offering is 23.8 billion won, and the market capitalization is expected to be 146 billion won. SAMG plans to use the raised funds for purposes such as new intellectual property (IP) production and research and development (R&D) investment.

Founded in 2000, SAMG has a world-class 3D animation studio and has accumulated the largest amount of 3D animation production experience and know-how in Korea. Based on this, the ‘Mini Commandos’ series recorded 27 billion views in China, as well as ‘Catch! Tiny Ping’ and ‘Super Dino’ were successive hits. Currently, while operating 43 YouTube channels at home and abroad, they have a total of 40 million subscribers, forming a strong global fandom.

SAMG CEO Kim Su-hoon said, “SAMG plans to grow into Asia’s largest comprehensive kids platform while advancing its IP competitiveness and business capabilities with the launch of the KOSDAQ market.” I would like to thank the institutional investors who evaluated us, and we will prove our corporate value with high performance every year.”

SAMG plans to enter the KOSDAQ on the 6th of next month after conducting public subscription on the 24th and 25th. The listing manager is NH Investment & Securities./[email protected]

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