SAMG, new season ‘Twinkle catch! Tinping’ first broadcast on the 22nd

SAMG, new season 'Twinkle catch!  Tinping' first broadcast on the 22nd

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SAMG, new season ‘Twinkle catch! Tinping’ first broadcast on the 22nd

SMG Entertainment (hereafter SAMG) will be airing the animation ‘Twinkle Twinkle Catch! On the 15th, it was announced that the first broadcast of ‘Tinping’ will start.

The new season consists of 26 episodes, each 11 minutes long. The first episode will be aired on the 22nd, the last day of the Chuseok holiday, and episodes will be released every Wednesday at 8:30 am on Talent TV.

‘Twinkle catch! ‘Tiniping’ expands the worldview through various episodes that take place as the newly appearing ‘jewelry tiniping’ fall to the earth and adds pleasure to viewing through delicate and natural graphics.

In this season, cute new characters such as Joa-ping, Bang-geul-ping, and Shin-ji-ping will appear, and it will be interesting to depict the process of finding the ‘Jewelry Tinping’ friends scattered around the earth with the main character, Princess Romi. In addition, various visual fun elements have been strengthened, such as Princess Romi transforming into 4 versions of the princess according to the magical characteristics of the Tiniping characters.

‘Catch! ‘Tiniping’ has surpassed 120 million cumulative views on YouTube channels within 18 months of its launch. This year, the cumulative number of local views exceeded 500 million views within one month of entering China, and it ranked first in popularity for girls’ animations on ‘Youku’, a representative content platform in China.

Kim Soo-hoon, CEO of SAMG, said, “This new season has enhanced the visual elements such as the characters’ natural movements and vivid colors, and raised the level of immersion with a solid story.” I hope you and your family have a happy time with Ping.”

Meanwhile, SAMG’s ‘Twinkle Catch! To commemorate the release of the new season of ‘Tiniping’, various events will be held. On the 15th, Genie Music and Melon will start the OST release commemoration event, and on the official Instagram channel, a different event will be held every week for 4 weeks from the 20th. Also, starting in October, various ‘Catch! Tiniping’ toy products will also be released sequentially.

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