Samsung Management’s Overseas Stock Investment Roll Money Campaign

Samsung Asset Management announced on the 2nd that it will open a digital campaign for ant investors who are experiencing difficulties in direct investment of overseas stocks.

Samsung Asset Management has produced a video that highlights the effectiveness of global fund investment and released it on YouTube, while encouraging overseas stock investment through various events. In this video, actor Hani from the idol group EXID appeared with the motif of the 1980s animation’Run Hani’. An official from Samsung Asset Management said, “In Korea, overseas stock investment has increased rapidly in recent years, but there are many people who have difficulty in acquiring stock information or timing to buy or sell. “

If you watch the video on Samsung Asset Management’s official YouTube channel and take the quiz, an event was prepared to give various prizes such as Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy Fit through lottery.

Reporter Seol Ji-yeon [email protected]

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