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Talent Sarina Suzuki updated her Instagram on Tuesday, 2nd. The cosplay figure of Mameko Kamon from the popular manga / anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” has been released.

On this day, Suzuki“Setsubun demon visits. Get rid of‼︎」He commented with the emoji of the demon, and showed off the cosplay figure of Mameko, the character who appears in “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. She wears a pink kimono with something like bamboo in her mouth, and the hairstyle looks exactly like that.

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Posted by Sarina Suzuki ___ MUNEHIRO (@munehirovoice)

(From Instagram of Sarina Suzuki @munehirovoice)

From fans to this post“Sister, it’s too cute ~” “It’s so cute? Mameko —” “I can’t throw that quality beans!” “Sexy 禰? Mameko” “It looks great!”There are voices such as.

Suzuki showed off a slightly sexy and high quality cosplay figure. In the latest post, I also uploaded a picture of a bean-sowing scene with my son in a cosplay of Sadako Mameko and a picture of eating Ehomaki with friends.

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