Sasha in a touching cosplay created by Mangoecos

Among the many characters presented by Hajime Isayama in his The attack of the Giants, many are part of the Exploratory Legion. When Eren, Mikasa and Armin joined the army, there was also another small group of boys to receive an in-depth study, gradually becoming more and more important in history.

Among the young people presented at the beginning of The Attack of the Giants, there was a girl who immediately distinguished herself for her desire to eat, presenting herself to the oath with a potato in her hands. Sasha Blouse was jokingly and affectionately nicknamed by fans potato girl on that very occasion. Hair between brownish and purple, classic beige uniform with white shirt, we see her in action several times, especially when she deals alone with a giant without using the three-dimensional maneuvering device.

Now Sasha has grown up and we saw her again in Attack of the Giants 4, the last season of the series, but a fan does not forget what the girl was like during the first adventures of the opera. Mangoecos has decided to bring a cosplay with young Sasha while handing a potato, remembering and moving for the beginning of the story of this girl who over the years has accompanied Eren and his friends in the fight against the giants.

In the meantime, in these days the preview of episode 8 of The Attack of the Giants 4 has left the fans astonished.

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