Satoru Gojo is putting magic on a woman’s heart with ‘190cm tall + strongest ability’

Magic rotation

[인사이트] Reporter Kim Han-sol =’The Magic Rotation’, which drew a stroke in the animation industry following the’blade of demonic extinction’.

In particular, Satoru Gojo, a high school teacher specializing in Tokyo magic, made many women’heart pounding’ and became a ‘2D boyfriend’.

Recently, various online communities have posted posts that remind you of the popularity of Satoru Gojo, one of the characters of the magic rotation.

Gojo Satoru is a first-year teacher at Tokyo High School, where the main character Yuji Itadori attends. He is referred to as’the strongest shaman’.


InsightMagic rotation

Gojo Satoru’s perfect visual also played a big role in becoming a ‘2D boyfriend’. The height of Satoru Gojo, set in the animation, is over 190 cm tall and features a silver-haired head.

In addition, he usually covers his eyes, but when he does magic, he reveals his eyes and adds a reversal charm with a sexy look.

The character depicted in the animation is also a character like a’dazzling’ that many women like. I think I’m serious because I’m a teacher, but I am cheerful, bright, and have good affinity.

InsightMagic rotation

His stats are indescribably the best, a so-called’scam’. It is said that the enemy who was killed by the deadline fell into panic and could not even attempt to counterattack.

One of the magic spinning characters even left a comment.

“If Satoru Gojo disappears, the magic world and human society will all be overturned.”

Magic rotation

The overflowing self-confidence also became a point of capturing the hearts of female fans.

Many female fans showed explosive reactions such as “This is my first 2D boyfriend” and “I fell in love with only the animation.”

On the other hand, the witchcraft rotation is maintaining a box office success among works in the fourth quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021 in both Korea and Japan. It also ranked second in the cumulative and average sales volume of animation BD and DVD in 2020.

Magic rotation


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